Q: I am under 18. Should I vape? A: No.

Q: What size bottles do you have? We only carry 30ml bottles. 

Q: You say that you make a bunch of the ingredients yourself...but...like...how do you do that?  A: Well people, what we use is basically a heat extraction process. Its honestly not as exciting as it sounds. What you need to know is that it involves boiling water, propylene glycol, and whatever we are trying to derive the flavor from, such as tobacco. It takes several hours to make the tinniest bit of extract but we think its totally worth it. 

Q: I just placed my order. When will I get it? I just need dem lil purple Slips right now! A: Unless something crazy is happening, we will ALWAYS ship your order the day after we receive it. However, if for some reason this is not possible we will  notify you immediately by e-mail and/or text. 

Q: Speaking of shipping, what options do I have? A: Right now, we will ship nationally using USPS Priority.  We will ship internationally using standard mail.

Q. Thats bull. Why no options? A: People, the reality of a million shipping options is that it make things hella more expensive for both you and us. Just trust us on that. And plus, Priority is awesome. You get it in like two days. Honestly, this is very good.

Q: What is your refund/return policy? A: Unfortunately we cannot take returns or do refunds. However, if you think there is a problem with your product we will do whatever we can to work it out. For example, I can imagine a day that UPS will break a bottle despite our millions of layers of bubble wrap and tough cardboard box exterior. If this happens, no problem. Send us a pic of the broken bottle the day you receive it (that's important) and we will ship you a new one. If there is another sort of issue...well...frankly we don't even know what that would be but let us know and we will find an amiable solution.

Q. Whats our privacy policy? A: So, we obviously have to collect some information from you in order to ship you your juice--such as your name, phone number and address. However, we will NEVER EVER share that information with a third party (the exception obviously being USPS). We will not give it to the government. We will not give it to "Big Pharma" or Phillip Morris. Or aliens. Or anyone. Your secrets are safe with us.

Q: Do you wholesale? A: Hell yea we do! At the time of writing, we are just beginning to get into the wholesale game. If you are interested in wholesaling Slippy Syrup, just shoot us an e-mail with your inquiry at slippy@slippysyrup.com and we can send you the necessary info for that. :)

Q. How can we contact you? A: Our mailing address is 1034 Bay 25th street, Far Rockaway, New York, 11691. We can be reached by phone at 718.344.8526 (text please) and by e-mail at slippy@slippysyrup.com

Our General Certificate of Compliance can be downloaded HERE