***NOTE: Due to popular demand, our default juice ratio is no longer 50/50 PG/VG. We are now 30/70 PG/VG. However, if you would like your juice in the original 50/50 that is not a problem. Just specify so in the comments section upon checkout.***

This is a breakdown/manual guide for the labels we use for our e-juice/craft vapor. 

As you can see we print a "birthday" right on the "best by" or "this sat in a closet for 6 months" scams here. We only sell fresh vapor...we make em the day you order em. Steep time is up to the user.  However we recommend a steep time of at least a week. Cap on. In a dark place devoid of direct sunlight.

We are located in Far Rockaway, NY, and we are very proud of this. We try and frequent local retailers for our supplies when we can because we love it here and like supporting our community.

The strength describes the quantity of nicotine per milliliter of total juice, expressed in milligrams. That's math. But basically what you need to know is that the greater the number of MGs the stronger the juice is going to be. So, for example, if you normally only smoke one cigarette a day, don't order 24mg juice right away because you might puke. Maybe you like puking.

And, of course, we had to include a warning label. Under no circumstances should you let your child or critter get their little hands/paws on Slippy Syrup products. Nope. Don't do it. Although the nicotine is the only sort of noxious part of this product, letting a toddler drink from a delicious zero nic vape is also probably a bad idea. We want everyone to vape safely and happily!

Personally...right now our go-to  vaporizer has been a full copper Terra Mod by Paradigm with a Tugboat RDA. But this juice has been tested and performs phenomenally on rda's, rba's, cartomizers and clearomizers of all kinds. If you vape you know...gear changes frequently. But trust whether it's a mod or an e-go, if you have a personal vaporizer that accepts e-juice...then this is one to try, love, and make your ADV (all day vape).


Brian, Kate and lil Slip